About Us

Originally set up in 1991 as Bury St Edmunds Voluntary Centre, BSEVC has been at the core of the Suffolk community for many years, with a focus on providing accessible transport solutions to people across the county.​

Expanding on this in the last few years, BSEVC now has a suite of three core services, all with community at heart.

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Community Transport - including Connecting Communities for Ipswich & Mid Suffolk


Suffolk Carers Matter - family carers support service


Later Life Community - a service dedicated to working within the Suffolk community to support people aged 65+ 

All of our activities demonstrate our commitment to supporting people living in communities across Suffolk, making sure that individuals feel safe, supported and valued.

Based at Red Gables in Stowmarket, geographically we are well positioned to provide valuable, accessible and meaningful support to people within their communities across the county.

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