Catch Up & Chat Volunteers



We launched our Later Life Community Connect service on 8th February 2021. This is a single point of access telephone support service for people requiring information or support on issues around later life. As part of this service, we are also offering a regular welfare call to people who may benefit from a regular “check-in”.  This service is available for people over 65+ and will be an informal telephone call on an ad-hoc basis for a quick chat and to make sure that there are no immediate concerns or needs.


Description of Role:

  • To represent BSEVC and promote our services where required.

  • All volunteers will attend a short Induction with the volunteer coordinator before the role begins.

  • Volunteer's will be sent the details of their people to call on a weekly basis.  Where possible, the same volunteer will call the same older person, but this is not guaranteed.  It should be noted that this is not a “matched” befriending service.

  • The purpose of these calls is to be that listening ear to a person who may wish to offload their day to day worries and concerns and who may also be isolated and lonely, but also to have general conversations.

  • The calls should last between 5 – 15 minutes (max of 30 minutes) which you may wish to mention at the start of the call. Please dial 141 before making your call.

  • To update the client with any new services that BSEVC are offering that may be of use to your client/ask if they would like to receive relevant information from BSEVC about other services and support that may be beneficial.

  • If your client requires advice, please refer them to Later Life Community Connect for further assistance, please do not try to offer advice yourself.  Alternatively, you can ask them if they would like one of our Connect team to make contact.

  • If you have any concerns about your client or haven't managed to speak with them over a prolonged period of time, please let your volunteer coordinator aware.

  • As a volunteer you must respect any information concerning your client, staff, other volunteers and partner organisations and keep it confidential. Please also keep your personal lives protected.

  • We will also provide a welfare phone call record sheet. This will need to be completed after each call you make, and sent by email to the volunteer co-ordinator on a weekly basis (or immediately if you have any concerns about the older person). 

  • We encourage feedback from and to our volunteers, to ensure the role is suitable and going well.

  • Your Volunteer coordinator will contact you to check that you are enjoying the role and that the client match is suitable.


 What sort of person are you?

  • We need people who are outgoing and happy to chat whilst also listening well.

  • If you are trustworthy, respectful, and keen to offer at least 1 hour of your time per month to help isolated and less able people, we would love to hear from you.

  • Catch Up & Chat volunteers must be over 18 years of age

  • All Catch Up & Chat volunteers will be DBS checked and will receive relevant safeguarding training.

  • We will also be offering the chance to becoming a Dementia Friend. As an organisation we are Dementia Friendly and encourage all our staff and volunteers to take part in a Dementia Friends Awareness session.