Our Services

All of our services have the needs of the community at heart.  Find out more about how we may be able to help you or someone you know.

Community Transport

As a rural county, sometimes getting out and about in Suffolk can be a challenge.  Our Community Transport service provides door to door transport solutions in areas where public transport routes are not available or do not meet the needs of the individual.

Suffolk Carers Matter

Suffolk Carers Matter is a family carer support service that is available to all family carers across the county.  


We provide a suite of projects and support to assist family carers in their daily caring role.

Later Life Community

With over 170,000 people aged 65+ in Suffolk, Later Life Community is a dedicated "one stop" support service for older people.

Knowing where to turn for information, advice or support when circumstances change, can be daunting, and Later Life Community is here to help.

Other Projects

We love a challenge and a project so are always looking for ways to support people within the community in which they feel they belong.  

Sometimes, we may be trying out a new idea or a partnership with another organisation to see how this could work for the future - but always with the community at heart.